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the kitchen table & WOOBAR




W Taipei launches “DIY Burger” at the kitchen table restaurant! The unique burger menu offers a wide range of choices from home-made patties, fresh toppings, selections of cheeses, handmade buns, secret recipes sauces, to interesting side dishes and so on. “Made in Taiwan” burgers are definitely the most exotic and extraordinary ones, e.g. “3-cup Chicken Burger” and “Stinky Tofu Burger.” Guests are encouraged to build their own burger and explore the adventure of the world of burger. “DIY Burger” is available at the kitchen table restaurant and WOOBAR at TWD468+10%. 

“Burger is one of the most popular and iconic food from U.S.” said W Taipei Executive Chef, Bradley Froehlich. “Besides the signature “Ground American Choice Chunk Burger,” I would like to play with local flavors and to create a “Palate Shock” to both our international and local Taiwanese guests. “3-cup Chicken” is the first Taiwanese entrée come up to my mind for this experimentation. You can taste each authentic flavor of this traditional dish from the tailor-made burger patty; a mix savor of ground chicken with Chinese basil, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil and Shaoshing wine.”

“DIY Burger” comprises 8 steps and offers more than 6 millions of combinations of burger style, from 8 meat, 20 toppings (choose 3 for each), 8 cheeses, 7 buns, 14 sauces, 9 side dishes, 6 enhancement and 7 drinks (with additional charges). Chef Bradley’s favorite burger with his recommended items are “BBQ Pulled Taiwan Black Pork Burger” with sliced beef steak tomatoes, beer battered onion rings, Grandma’s slaw, American cheddar, charcoal bun, Josh’s homemade BBQ sauce, and curly fries.

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TWD468+10% PER SET

Step 1: Start with the MEAT!
Rosemary garlic lamb burger
Ground American choice chuck burger
The super food veggie burger
Norwegian up stream salmon burger

Taiwan BBQ pulled black pork burger
3 cup chicken burger
Asian spiced duck burger
The stinky tofu burger

Step 2: Top it off with your 3 selections
Sliced beef steak tomatoes / Grandma’s slaw
Beer battered onion rings / Fried egg
Balsamic caramelized onions / Sliced beetroot
Slow roasted Roma tomatoes / Water crest
Raw Spanish onions / Baby cos 
Dill pickles / Classic iceberg
House smoked bacon / Portabella mushrooms
Alpha sprouts / Kim-chi
Green chili / Guacamole
Spinach / Fire roasted peppers

Step 3: Make it cheesy with 1 selection
Blue cheese / Feta
Swiss / Provolone
American cheddar / Buffalo mozzarella
Pepper jack / Creamy brie

Step 4: Choose the bun
Sundried tomato basil seed
Brioche / Potato bun
Charcoal/ 5 grain
Hallauh / Sour dough

Step 5: Feeling saucy? Select 1 sauce.
Sundried tomato pesto / Cilantro, lime and chili
Harissa aioli / Chipotle
Hummus / Baba ghanoush
Roasted garlic aioli / Dijon mustard
Grain seeded mustard / Truffle aioli
Tzatziki sauce / Teriyaki glaze
Olive tapenade / Josh’s homemade BBQ sauce

Step 6: What’s on the side?
Nachos / Truffle fries
Onion rings / Caesar salad
Field green salad / Tempura vegetables
Balsamic glazed grilled vegetables / Curly fries
Homemade potato chip

Step 7: Bling your burger? 
Maple cured bacon                     TWD60
Braised bone marrow                  TWD60
Iberico Ham                               TWD130
Porcini mushrooms                    TWD150
Cured chorizo sausage               TWD280
Pan seared rouge duck foie gras TWD400 

Step 8 : Quench your thirst?
Coke cola / Sprite / Orange fanta / Coke zero

Float on the Soda                     TWD150 
Coke / Orange fanta / Root beer
(with 3 scoops of ice cream)

Taiwan Beer                             TWD131
5Beer                                      TWD231

: Chef's recommendation 



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